Scrabble competition 2016

Written by Nuzulul Isna

Scrabble Competition for Senior High School students held for the first time in Southwest Aceh on November 20th, 2016. There were 24 participants from various high schools in South west Aceh participated in this competition; such as Senior High School No. 1 South West Aceh , Islamic Senior High School Blangpidie,  Vocational School no.1 South West Aceh,1 Harapan Persada Senior High School, Tunas Bangsa Senior high School and many others. This event is held by English Education Department of STKIP Muhammadiyah Aceh Barat Daya, led by Miss Nuzulul Isna, S.Pd.I, M.S. and assisted by some of its students and alumni.

The purpose of this competition is to introduce scrabble to the students as a one of media in learning English. The competition also was also aimed to expose the existence of English Education Department of STKIP Muhammadiyah Aceh. The participants were highly enthusiastic taking part in the competition since it was the first event of scrabble competition held locally in Aceh. The event was organized and conducted on a timely manner. The event was free and each student received participation certificate at the end. The winners are Fajrul…………., M. Ghalih Gunawangsa, and Vinny monica, who are studying at Harapan Harapan Persada Senior High School. It is expected that this event could be conducted on regular basis in the future as one of the attempts to motivate students in learning English.


The participants


The battle ground


The game was in progress


The committee who worked hard and dedicated themselves for the event


The winners

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