Online Intercultural Education for Pre-service English Teachers: Across-cultural collaborative project between Taiwan (National Chiayi University) and Indonesia (STKIP Muhammadiyah Aceh Barat Daya)

by Prof. Min-Tun Chuang and Puan Tursina, S.Pd,M.A


  1. What is this project about?

Most of the studies reported that the courses of intercultural education for pre-service teachers focus more on the theoretical knowledge but provide few opportunities to experience cross-cultural communication practices. Moreover, most of the attention has been given to certain exotic cultures such as American and European cultures, but the cultures about Southeast Asian countries which have close relationships with Taiwan have been neglected. To address these issues, a two-year international research project is proposed and planned to use English as a lingua franca to implement an online cross-cultural collaborative project between Taiwan and Indonesia. Its purposes are to develop new thoughts, new competence and new access for pre-service English teachers in Taiwan and Indonesia.



  1. What are the research goals?

a. The first goal aims at investigating intercultural awareness and communication strategies of pre-service English teachers in Taiwan and Indonesia.

b. The second goal aims at developing and implementing integrative cultural responsive teaching with the collaboration between Taiwan and Indonesian pre-service English teachers.

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  1. How will this project be conducted?

Taiwan and Indonesian pre-service English teachers will be instructed intercultural education and discuss cultural issues online. They will accomplish cultural tasks collaboratively by using online social device and video conference.

  1. The first topic of intercultural education course is Language, Culture and Learning


The first intercultural video:

2. The second topic of intercultural course is Cultural Influence on Context.

The second intercultural video:

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The participated students will be instructed online five times during two months.




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